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Why Almco Steel?

With our history of experience and our knowledgeable staff, we can guide you in determining cost saving methods while producing high quality complex stampings.


Because of precision and speed, metal stamping is one of the most reliable, functional, and economical means of production for a wide variety of industrial parts.

Metal stampings may be the answer to reducing costs of expensive, time consuming, or labor-intensive operations like machining, casting, or forging. Tolerances on stampings are often held within thousandths of an inch, while, depending on the shape and size, some stampings may be produced at speeds of several thousand pieces per hour.

Along with you, we will evaluate volume, anticipated longevity, and other conditions to recommend long-term or short-term tooling. 

Transfer or progressive dies may save labor dollars when high volumes are anticipated. Line dies are warranted when volume is lower or progressive tooling impractical. 

Perhaps most important, since 1946 Almco's customers have known they could rely on delivery schedules or other requirements on a regular basis or even in emergency situations. With Almco's ability to perform in-house deburring, machining, welding, and cleaning, you have a metal stamper equipped and ready to save you dollars.

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